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FIFA 18 Rosters Update (03.10.17)
3 October 2017 19:19

FIFA 17 Rosters Update (08.05.17)
8 May 2017 20:40

FIFA 17 (PC)
30 September 2016 17:21

FIFA 16 Moddingway Mod v.7.5.2 (All in One)
25 September 2016 08:47

FIFA 17 Demo Tweaker v. 1.1
22 September 2016 12:14

FIFA 17 Demo
13 September 2016 16:07

FIFA 16 Rosters update (07.06.2016)
7 June 2016 19:14

ModdingWay Mod Upgrade v. 8.0.0 (winter transfers)
11 March 2016 09:00

ModdingWay Mod Upgrade v. 5.2.0 (winter transfers)
6 March 2016 21:16

Creation Master 2016 (v. 1.0)
6 February 2016 23:26

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ModdingWay Mod Upgrade v. 5.2.0 (winter transfers)
One of the best patches which will fully update all the graphics in FIFA 15 and adds the actual rosters for almost all teams!

This version of the patch includes itself all the previous updates released after 4.5.1 All in One version.
Actual rosters with winter transfers, new kits, many new teams, stadiums, balls, boots, leagues and much more!


To apply these updates you will need to install Moddingway Mod v. 4.5.1 (All in One).

In addition to all the high-quality stuff inside the patch, there are three great things:

1. Patch is fully compatible with Online mode
2. Patch has an easy automatic installation
3. Patch can be easily removed
4. After each official EA update, you need to re-run Moddingway Installer and select the database you need.

Main features of the patch:

a) Default Database: FIFA 15 original database - If you play online, this is one of the database options for your FIFA 15. To apply this mode you need to select EA Update Enabled and Apply.

b) Default database improved: FIFA 15 original database but with details for new licensed kits. It works online and with previous career mode started with default database.

c) Database 2.0
- Rosters according to latest EA official update.
- Kits, Boots and Balls unlocked.

d) Database 2.0 + Matrix
- The same what is in Database 2.0 but with new changed Matrix Stats System updating the players skills and transfer costs.

e) Database 4.0
- Brasileirao
- New tournaments (Brasileirao, Copa Brasil, FIFA Club World Cup, CONCACAF Champions League, AFC Champions League)
- New National Teams
- New Club Tems
- Kits, Boots and Balls unlocked.

f) Database 6.0
- Brasileirao
- New National Teams
- New Club Tems
- Kits, Boots and Balls unlocked.

h) Database 8.0
- Rosters with summer transfers dated on 31.10.2015
- All Stats from FIFA 16 database!
- All Kits from FIFA 16!
- Promoted and relegated teams added for all major leagues
- New season kits for most of the teams
- New balls, boots, adboards and much more!

h) Database 9.0
- Actual rosters including winter transfers dated on 05.03.2016
- All Stats from FIFA 16 database!
- New teams, kits, boots, gloves and much more!

Full description is available here.

a) Unpack this rar in your FIFA 15 main folder. Overwrite files that it asks you to do.
b) Run file ModdingWayInstaller.exe from your FIFA 15 main folder ( Run as administrator )
c) Download FHL Editor 2015, unzip to FIFA 15 main folder, run FHL-BH-Editor.exe and select Regenerate all Bh-files (take care of extern files).

If you're experiencing issues during download of the files, please use Download Master.


Date: 6 March 2016 21:16
Downloads: 70423
Size: 264 Mb

Online visitors: 29

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